Train Crossing at Night

Night Time Train Crossing

Most of my images receive a predictable reaction. I love this one because I have no idea what emotions the viewer will have. I am trying to stretch myself as a photographer; go beyond nature images.
So, what do you feel or think when you see this photo?


3 responses to “Train Crossing at Night

  1. love that! i would have to say it packs action because of the half-risen gate. cool that you are stretching yourself as an artist. i just started a video blog on being and artist/the creative process from my perspective as a singer/songwriter. i find that so many tangible, visual things (photos too) prove some of the best material for lyrics. I actually am in the process of recording one of my tunes called “Train Whistle Waltz”—trains are so nostalgic and evocative. anyway, great pic!

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