Weekly Photo Challenge – Walls of Kensington, Toronto

A neighbourhood with personality !


Photography 101 – Bliss

I had trouble deciding on a photo. So I am putting up different perspectives of Bliss.


This is of my son’s wedding day, but is meant to pertain to any wedding day – Blissful

I Do and I Do Too

Bliss concept


This was truly the most I personally have felt Bliss with every ounce of my being.

Bliss, Photography 101

Podstrana, Croatia – We didn’t want to leave this blissful place!


This is Bliss according to the masses, the tourist magazines. It is the reason we went, and we were not disappointed.  But I don’t think a top 10 beaches list can truly be made.

Bliss - Photography 101

Flaminco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Anticipation Tanka

I waited with bated breath
When will it happen?
Seems like an eternity
Seconds advancing like hours



I had to wait a long time to get this shot. It was fun, but some things are not fun to wait for. I hate waiting for traffic lights and slow internet connections. What do you hate waiting for?

Train Crossing at Night

Night Time Train Crossing

Most of my images receive a predictable reaction. I love this one because I have no idea what emotions the viewer will have. I am trying to stretch myself as a photographer; go beyond nature images.
So, what do you feel or think when you see this photo?