Reflection of Feelings

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Big now and all grown up
Left the den long ago
Pulsing through my veins
Your every high and low

I wear all your stress
Like a weighted vest
Your anxiety
A knot in my chest

Happiness in all its forms
Colours, shapes and grades
Your joy is mirrored as mine
A feeling that never fades

The times you are hurting
and feeling so grim
are like a phantom pain
of an amputated limb

Your life is your own
Communications weathered
Connected at the heart
Forever tethered

Anticipation Tanka

I waited with bated breath
When will it happen?
Seems like an eternity
Seconds advancing like hours



I had to wait a long time to get this shot. It was fun, but some things are not fun to wait for. I hate waiting for traffic lights and slow internet connections. What do you hate waiting for?