Follow Your Heart, Do What Makes You Happy

Costa Rica 31

Doing what makes us happy in Costa Rica. Life is good.


Reflection of Feelings

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Big now and all grown up
Left the den long ago
Pulsing through my veins
Your every high and low

I wear all your stress
Like a weighted vest
Your anxiety
A knot in my chest

Happiness in all its forms
Colours, shapes and grades
Your joy is mirrored as mine
A feeling that never fades

The times you are hurting
and feeling so grim
are like a phantom pain
of an amputated limb

Your life is your own
Communications weathered
Connected at the heart
Forever tethered

Anticipation Tanka

I waited with bated breath
When will it happen?
Seems like an eternity
Seconds advancing like hours



I had to wait a long time to get this shot. It was fun, but some things are not fun to wait for. I hate waiting for traffic lights and slow internet connections. What do you hate waiting for?